What you should know about our natural soaps

"94b hand made" is a micro manufacture of natural soap only. The soap here is produced from scratch. It starts with an idea, a formula is developed and the finishing product created.
No soap undergoes modification of any kind, no melt & pour.
All ingredients, essential oils, clays or other additives have proofed origin.
All herbs come from certified organic farming.
All soaps hold an Cosmetic Safety Assessment proofed by a toxicologist in accordance with new directive of the EU which took place from July 2013.
All soaps are suitable for vegetarians and with exception of goat's milk, bees wax and honey, also for vegans.
The soaps are superfatted at 5%, which means the percentage of oil left in soap unsaponified acts as a moisturiser.
No soap is suitable to eat.
Soaps from "94b hand made" are very high quality natural cleansing products for daily use but they are not a remedy for any kind of skin problems.
In case of any doubt please ask your doctor. To avoid allergic reaction please always read the ingredients used.