How to get the most out of your natural soap?

A natural soap is somehow more "demanding"- it contains glycerine, a natural humectant which pick the moisture from the environment and can get soft or soggy. To avoid the problem keep it dry after use in a soap dish with good drainage.
Any spare soaps should be kept in dry, airy cupboards or in a chest of drawers for example, away from direct sunlight.
Please don't use natural soaps together with commercial products for washing.
If you' ve never use it before, give your skin some time to adapt. Regular users don't normally need any extra lotions or creams for moisturaisation.
During the continental winter months the skin tends to get a bit drier, so I suggest to use some natural oils like sweet almond or peach kernel oil to overcome it.
Generally it is advised to use natural cosmetics which don't interfere with the natural skin functions.
The minimal time to use up a superfatted soap is 30 months, for non superfatted soap it is indefinite.
And finally a word about the environment.
The production process of natural soap has no negative impact on the environment.
I don't use any form of plastic, cellophane or other man-made products except little bags printed on certified eco-paper.
Please enjoy the simple things in life while you reduce, reuse and recycle.