Palm oil- to use or not to use?

You will see the palm oil in most of my soaps as it provide hardness and makes the soap lasts longer. However some people avoid it in every form so I feel I should mention about it.
In many countries palm oil is like rapeseed oil in Poland. In unrefined form it has orange colour, is semi hard and packed with vitamins and minerals, particularly beta carotene. But like the majority of oils it undergoes a refinery process and is often hydrogenated for the food industry with its infamous trans fats. This is the one black side of palm oil. Another side is, that the oil is a cheap source to produce so called bio fuel/ biodiesel. Much cheaper than rapeseed oil. Poor countries replace the rainforests with palm oil plantations to escape the poverty.
The EU is supposed to control the amount of oil imported but where the big money is involved....
We can ignore the cookie or the soap with palm oil but should think again before refuelling our cars.
The palm oil I am using in my soaps -refined and crude comes from certified sources and I hope this knowledge will help you to decide about purchasing.
In every case I respect everybody’s personal view in this matter.