About 94

94b hand made is a small soap manufacture inspired by curiosity, need of independence and an opportunity to observe the natural environment from its wild side. Although the production itself take place at very civilised premises in our workshop in England, our passion is still winded up by the need to be close to Mather Nature. 


We offer quite a big assortment of exceptional, original recipes in the form of luxury, herbal, clay and specializing soaps. Our clients can always count on the highest quality, diversity and advice we give within our competence and experience. Handmade and simple packed are recognizable marks of our products. We travel, look, ask, learn and combine old resources into new recipes.

Unfortunately, we have very limited production premises, therefore we do not do wholesale at all. We neither cooperate with bloggers- every user is welcome to share her or his opinion with us or other users. We used to get extreme different comments of the same product. It is normal and desirable for the healthy development of any business. Our water-free balms however gained full approval and popularity we didn't expected. This all makes us very enthusiastic and motivates to further action.

Soon we would like to offer you the opportunity to learn soapmaking for itself or for a potential business. There are going to be workshops organized in our new studio. We plan to combine it with the relaxation in local agrotourist farms or more actively by kayaking on river Bug or by visiting the Poleski National Park. 



We put a lot of effort to make our products healthy and enjoyable for you. Thank you for your custom and please, visit us again!